Here is a quick overview of the features you will get access to when you sign up to Linktree PRO for just $6USD per month. 

Remove The Linktree Logo

Simply navigate to the settings screen, and click the 'Hide Linktree Logo' toggle  in the 'Appearance' section.

Add Social Icons To Your Linktree

Now you can add your social profiles and they will be displayed on your Linktree as icons, rather than needing to add each of your profiles as a link!

Head to the settings page and fill and add each of your profiles in the corresponding fields under the 'Social Links' section.

Customise How Your Linktree Looks

This has been our most requested feature! Now you can:

  • Select your own background colour
  • Select your own button style
  • Select your own button colour
  • Create your own page title to replace your Instagram username

Facebook Pixel Integration

You can now add your Facebook Custom Audience Pixel to your Linktree. This will allow you to track visitors, segment them, build lookalikes and re-market to them on Facebook and Instagram. Read more here

Scheduled Links

You can now schedule your links to enable and disable at set times, in different timezones. This is hugely helpful for when you are scheduling posts on Instagram or you have time sensitive content to share.

UTM Parameters

You can now have all of your links include UTM parameters so that Google Analytics better understands where traffic is coming from.

When you switch it on, by default the parameters will be set to make sure Google Analytics shows all traffic from Linktree to be 'Social' instead of 'Referral' which is what most users want from Linktree. You can set the parameters custom too, if you like.

To turn it on, navigate to the settings page and click the toggle in the 'Analytics and Integrations' section

A little taste of whats coming very soon...

  • Audience Insights 
  • More advanced click analytics
  • Total Linktree Views
  • More custom branding options
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Custom URL's
  • Heaps more!
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