The chart at the very top of your links page when you login to you linktree admin shows your Lifetime Linktree Views and if you're a PRO user, it also shows your Lifetime Clicks along with views and clicks per day for the past 7 days

What are 'Views' and 'Clicks'?

Views -  A view is every time your Linktree is viewed. This could also be considered as how many times your Linktree link has been clicked.

For example, if 1 visitor lands on your Linktree once,  that is counted as 1 view. If that visitor visits your Linktree another 3 times,  that is another 3 views which now equals 4 views.

If 100 visitors land on your Linktree 2 times, then your views count will be 200.

Clicks -
A click is when a visitor clicks on one of your links. This chart shows the total amount of clicks across all of your links.

For example, if a visitor of your Linktree clicks on 3 different links,  your clicks count on this chart will show as 3 . (You can see which links were clicked by opening the clicks chart on each of your links)

Please note: On the views and clicks chart, life time and daily clicks are only visible with a PRO account

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